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How To Double Your Income Within The Next 12 Months…While Working Fewer Hours And Having A Ton Of Fun!

Ken VargaThis is Ken Varga. And if you’ll let me be your success coach, I’ll show you how to create your ultimate insurance or Financial business or career in record time, while working fewer hours and having a ton of fun!

Dear Insurance Professional and Financial Advisor,

  • Do you want to retire and live the lifestyle of your dreams within the next seven years?
  • Do you want to become super successful in your insurance profession and gain the respect and admiration of your family members, relatives, colleagues, and friends?
  • Do you envy the agents who only work 30 hours a week or the ones who play golf five times a week… and still make at least $200,000 a year?
  • Do you feel you have been working harder and harder just to earn the same income you did five years ago?
  • Do you want to eliminate cold calling once and for all?
  • Are you worried the increase in competition from banks, credit card companies, accountants, lawyers, stock brokers, may make it even harder for you to make a living in the insurance industry?
  • Are you concerned your Company may let you go or replace you with technology like the Internet?
  • Are you disturbed that many of your prospects and clients are going to buy directly from your carriers through the Internet or over the phone, forcing you out of business within a few years?
  • Do you want to become a part of the top 1% of all agents within the next five years?
  • Do you want to qualify for the MDRT within the next 12 months?
  • Are you an MDRT member who wants to qualify for the Top of the Table in record time?
  • Are you at a plateau in your business or career and are looking for tested-and-proven methods to skyrocket your agency or practice to a higher level… while working fewer hours?

If you answered, “Yes” to one or more of these questions, I have wonderful news for you. You’ve come to the right website.

Hi, This is Ken Varga. You’re about to discover how you can use my secrets to end your worries and frustrations… and to build your million-dollar agency, practice, or career quicker and easier than your greatest expectations!

It doesn’t matter how much money you’re presently earning, whether $25,000 or $500,000 a year, or what types of policies or financial products you sell, you can use his million-dollar secrets to make two to five times that amount.

Like many agents or financial advisers, the main reason you went into your profession or business was that it offered you the opportunity to be your own boss, to set your own hours, to make a great income, and to help thousands of people protect their valuable assets and dreams, right?

Unfortunately, after working for 5, 10, or even 20 years or more, while most agents or advisors earn an “acceptable” living, they’re not making the kind of income they wish they could. In fact, the income they’re earning today is only a fraction of what they wanted to make when they first started their business or career.

Today, because many agents and advisors (perhaps you’re one of them) are experiencing so much worry and frustration from the constant and never-ending changes in the industry, the everyday problems and struggles in their businesses or careers, they’re thinking of quitting and switching to a completely different profession.

If that describes you, don’t jump ship! At least, not yet. And if you haven’t gotten to that point yet, but are sick of the number of hours you are putting into your business or the income you’re making, or both, sit tight and keep reading, because I have fabulous news for you.

As mentioned, you don’t have to put up with the worries and frustrations of your insurance or financial business or career any longer. Even if you don’t believe it right now, you REALLY can control how much income you make, how many hours you work, and the kind of clients you want to deal with.

Making More Money In Your Business Or
Career Finally Got Easier… A Lot Easier!

Contrary to popular belief, amassing a fortune in the insurance or financial profession doesn’t have to be hard (or boring). You can use my secrets to make more money in one month than you now do in several… while working fewer hours!

ProductIn my 1,152-page wealth-creation program, The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll have all the tools you need to build your million-dollar agency or practice… quicker and easier than you can possibly imagine.

Before telling you about it in full details and how you can get your hands on it, let me first share with you a few things about myself.

You may not have heard of me before. But after you’re finished reading this letter, you’ll be glad you finally did.

I was in the insurance business for 33 years and built an agency with, believe it or not, 459,182 policyholders. Yes, almost half a million clients! (I sold his agency in December 2001 for more money than I knew what to do with.)

Now, if you’re the “typical” agent or financial advisor with an “average” size agency or practice and earn only an average income, you may find it hard to believe any agent can actually create a business that large.

If so, I understand why you’re skeptical. Let me assure you, after you’ve finished reading this letter, you’ll think differently.

Let me share with you what four well-known authors, speakers, and trainers have said about me.

Brian Tracy

After speaking with Ken Varga for only 14 minutes, I knew I was talking to an expert at starting an insurance business from scratch and then taking it to the million-dollar mark in record time. In the last ten years, I’ve spoken at dozens of insurance conventions, workshops, and seminars, meeting hundreds of speakers and authors. But none of them has the success records that Ken has. With 460,000 clients for his insurance agency, Ken no doubt is the most successful insurance agent I’ve met. And, believe me, I’ve met thousands of agents during my speaking career, including hundreds of Top of the Table customers.

Now that he has started to offer his speaking engagements and consulting services to insurance companies and associations, agents across the nation can learn and use his million-dollar ideas and secrets to make a fortune in the insurance profession the quick and easy way.

Brian Tracy
MDRT speaker, author, trainer, and peak-performance expert


Mark Victor HansenIn my speaking career, I’ve met many speakers who have acquired their expertise by studying other experts in their fields, but I’ve met only a few who actually have spent a lifetime and millions of dollars to test every idea, concept, and strategy they shared with their audiences. Ken Varga is one of these rare individuals. Not only has he acquired a vast ocean of knowledge and experience by being involved in 32 different successful businesses, he has the ability to convey his cutting- edge ideas and strategies to his audiences in an easy to understand manner. Every attendee will leave his workshop or seminar with at least a dozen tested-and-proven ideas to take their businesses to the next higher level of success.

Mark Victor Hansen
Popular speaker, trainer, and best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul® series




Dan KennedyHow would you like to pick the brain of the richest insurance agent in America? Ken Varga is THE richest insurance agent in America – with 460,000 clients! I’ve met Ken and visited with him a number of times and he’s as sharp as you’d expect somebody with almost half a million clients to be.

Dan Kennedy
Marketing genius, author, and trainer, known as “The Millionaire-Maker”






Robert AllenIncredible book! I’m nearly at a loss for words and that doesn’t happen very often to me. You have written a best seller. You instill a confidence in your reader, that if they follow exactly what you say, then it will work for them. That’s powerful.

Robert Allen
Trainer, speaker, and best-selling author, The One Minute Millionaire





As you can see, all of these experts respect me highly for my keen business skills. And, by having created an agency with almost half a million clients, there’s no one more qualified than me to teach you how to become super successful in your insurance or financial business or career.

While there are dozens of “so-called” experts selling books, courses, and programs to teach insurance agents and financial advisors how to become more successful, none of them have the track record that I have.

Unlike those experts who have made little or no money from their own agencies, I was in the insurance business for 33 years and, during this period, I invested more than $10.2 million to discover, develop, and perfect the systems that created 459,182 policyholders for my agency.

Before selling my agency in December 2001, I offered consulting services, and some companies had paid me up to $5,000.00 an hour.

The great news for you is, as a payback to the insurance industry for providing me with the money to live my ideal lifestyle, I wanted to share my million-dollar secrets with you (and other agents and advisers).

The Primary Key Of Making A Fortune
In The Insurance And Financial Profession!

In my audio message above, which I trust you’ve listened to, I mentioned that after you’ve learned and mastered the most essential business skill in the world, you’ll be able to build your ultimate insurance business or career in record time. If you haven’t listened to it, click here.

The business skill I was referring to is…

Knowing How To Attract Clients, Provide Quality Products
And Exceptional Service… And Retain Them For Life!

In short, this is the secret of becoming incredibly successful in the insurance and financial business (or any business, for that matter).

As simple as this may sound, after learning how to acquire and maintain a large number of clients, you’ll be able to produce the kind of income you desire, while working the number of hours you want.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just started in your insurance or financial business or career, or have been in it for decades, you can use his million-dollar marketing systems to get and keep as many clients as you desire.

Before I share with you the marketing systems you’ll discover in The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, let’s examine…

Marketing And Why It’s The Engine That Drives Your Business!

Most agencies fail because they don’t have enough customers buying from them regularly… either they don’t attract a sufficient client base or they let current ones slip away!

I’ve seen many agencies go under because of this reason more than any other. You wouldn’t believe the number of well-managed agencies that are no longer in business because they simply didn’t have enough clients buying from them regularly.

The Quickest Way To Grow Your Client Base Is To Make
Getting And Keeping Clients Your Number One Priority!

I know this is true because, when I still had my agency, I invested more than $10.2 million to discover effective methods to attract an endless supply of clients, to provide them with exceptional service, and to keep them for a lifetime. That’s why I was able to create one of the largest agencies in the world.

Can you guess which tool you use to get truckloads of clients, to provide them with outstanding service, and to retain them for a lifetime?

You’re right if you said, “Marketing.”

Marketing is the engine that drives your business (and every other business in the world – regardless of what products or services it sells). Your marketing system turns prospects into customers, customers into clients, and clients into advocates.

The success of your agency or practice depends on your marketing system. If you have an excellent one in place, you’ll be able to make a fortune. If you don’t, then like many agents and advisors, you’ll have to settle for an average income.

Every successful agency has an effective marketing system and, similarly, every unprofitable one has an ineffective method, or in most cases, has none at all.

In its simplest terms…

Marketing Is The Process Of Getting And Keeping Clients
In Such A Way That They Will Patronize Your Business
Over And Over Again… For Years To Come…
And Refer Everyone They Know To You!

Since the purpose of your agency is to obtain and retain clients, marketing is the tool you use to achieve this objective.

To put it another way, marketing is anything that gets and keeps clients. It’s everything your prospects or clients see, feel, smell, taste, think, perceive, hear, and talk about your business. Anything that causes them to form an impression about your business… is marketing.

Please answer this question…

What Business Are You In?

Whenever I ask some agents this question, here are some of their typical replies:

“I am in the insurance business.” Or…

“I am an insurance agent.” Or…

“I am an insurance professional.” Or…

“I am in sales.” Or…

“I sell insurance.” Or…

“I’m a financial advisor.” Or…

“I’m a financial professional.” Or…

“I’m a financial planner.”

All of these answers are wrong!

Although agents and advisors sell insurance policies and financial products, the real business they’re engaged in is actually Marketing. So always keep in mind…

You’re In The Marketing Business, Not Insurance Or Financial!

In other words, you’re not in the insurance business, you’re in a business that happens to market insurance products. Similarly, if you’re a financial advisor, you’re not in the financial business. You’re in a business that markets financial products.

If it’s hard for you to believe you’re in the marketing business when you might have been told you’re in the business of selling insurance policies or financial products, I understand.

Let me give you two examples to illustrate the important point I’m trying to get across to you.

You no doubt have heard of a company called Microsoft, right? Maybe you were, or even currently, are one of its shareholders.

Microsoft is the world’s largest software company. Their revenue for fiscal year 2004 was $36.8 billion and their income was more than $9 billion. At least 70% of personal computers in the world use their products.

On the surface one would think Microsoft sells software, but if you study it carefully, you’ll realize it is a giant marketing machine. Because it’s so good at marketing, it virtually has no competition, even though its products are NOT the best in the world.

As you may recall, in 1998 Microsoft invested more than $250 million to market Windows 98 and, in 2001, it invested about $1 billion to market Windows XP. Their marketing campaigns were so effective that almost everybody knew about their products months before they were available. So on the day their products were for sale, they sold millions of copies of each program.

That’s marketing at its best!

Another marketing powerhouse is McDonald’s Restaurants.

So you thought McDonald’s was just another restaurant selling hamburgers?

Have you seen some of their newest marketing campaigns that were designed to motivate you to visit them and to buy their products, whether that’s a new hamburger or an action figure from the latest movie?

After watching a McDonald’s ad, didn’t you usually feel like rushing to the nearest location and buy whatever the ad was promoting?

Their powerful marketing campaigns make them billions of dollars each year.

And you know what?

My marketing systems created almost half a million policyholders for my agency and made it one of the most successful insurance operations in the world.

Believe me, after you’ve set up effective marketing systems in your agency or practice, you’ll become one of the most successful agents or advisors in the country.

Listen, since the purpose of your business is to get and keep clients and marketing is what you use to achieve this goal, we can conclude that you (and other insurance agents and financial advisors in the world) are indeed in the marketing business.

Although this may be hard for you to believe, realizing this fact alone is your first major step toward creating your ideal business or career and making the kind of income you want.

Because most agents don’t understand they’re in the marketing business, many of them feel the key to success in the insurance profession is to learn more of the latest sales or closing techniques, to have better product knowledge, or to acquire superior agency management skills.

Even though all of these skills are important to the overall success of your business, they’re not the most important, regardless of what you’ve heard, read, or have been taught, and no matter how sincere or well-intentioned the source was.

You see, no matter how much agents may know about insurance, how much product knowledge they have, how many closing techniques they’ve mastered, how great their agency management skills are, if they don’t have the ability to reach and motivate their prospects to talk to them, they still will have to struggle just to get by.

Unfortunately, although many speakers or “so-called” experts can teach you (and other agents) an almost endless number of effective sales techniques, very few of them are qualified to teach you effective marketing systems.

While it’s important to learn powerful sales skills, acquiring and applying effective marketing skills or systems in your business can have a much bigger and longer-lasting effect. This is because…

When You Have An Effective Marketing System…
You’ll Be Able To Motivate Prospects To Call You…
Instead Of You Having To Chase After Them!

That’s right, an effective marketing system will let you eliminate cold calling completely and get as many prospects to call you as you want.

If you’re like most agents, one of your greatest frustrations is not having enough prospects to talk to, right?

I mean, once you get in front of a qualified prospect you probably don’t have much trouble demonstrating the value of the products and services and the advantages of doing business with you. The problem is that you just don’t have enough people who are qualified, ready, willing, and able to buy.

How many times have you said to yourself, “If I could just get in front of enough prospects, I’d be able to make the kind of income I want”?

Where are those prospects and why can’t you get in front of plenty of them?

Well, today you’re facing more competition than you’ve ever encountered before, and isn’t all from other insurance companies or agents either.

A lot of your competition comes from sources outside the insurance industry – from companies or organizations who offer products or services that are totally unrelated to insurance.

Each day your prospects are exposed to more than 3,000 commercial messages in magazine, newspaper, radio and TV ads that try to persuade them to spend their money on whatever product or service they’re promoting.

And because your prospects have limited disposable income, they must choose the benefits they want the most. Unfortunately, if the choice happens to be between a vacation, a boat, a new car, a new TV, or in some cases, even just a nice dinner and a movie, and the insurance policy you’re trying to sell them, you likely will lose every time.

To give you the greatest chance of winning their hard-earned dollars, you’ve got to make the benefits of your products and services, and the advantages of doing business with you more attractive than all the other options available to them. And to do this you must have an effective prospecting system, which is a part of your total marketing system.

Sadly, although the insurance industry is one of the oldest and largest in the world, it has some of the most ineffective systems or methods of any industry.

While times have changed dramatically in the last 20 to 30 years, the prospecting systems that most agents are using have changed very little, if any. New agents are still being trained to use these outdated and ineffective prospecting methods, which annoy, alienate, and even offend their prospects. What’s more, these systems often are high-pressure in nature.

That’s why people usually get turned off, run away, or quickly change the subject when someone is introduced as an insurance agent. No wonder the turnover rate for new agents who have been in the business for less than two years is a staggering 83%!

Now, to increase their earning potential, some agents (perhaps you’re one of them) have invested a lot of time and money to attain various insurance designations, such as CLU, CPCU, CIC, or ChFC.

If you’ve obtained one or more of these accolades, congratulations! It’s very respectable, and it shows a dedication to your professional level, your industry, and the service of your clients.

Unfortunately, while these designations do help you to serve the needs of your clients better, they don’t help you market your products and services more effectively. As a result, there are many highly-educated starving insurance agents today.

Listen carefully: How much money you can make or how successful you can become in the insurance or financial profession has nothing to do with how many fancy designations you have. It has everything to do with how well you can market your products or services.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying anything negative about these professional honors. As I mentioned earlier, if you have one or more of them, I congratulate you. You’ve worked very hard to acquire them. So you should be proud of your achievement.

The point I’m trying to make is this: No matter how prestigious these designations may be, no matter how long it took you to obtain them, and no matter how much knowledge they’ve given you, they are NOT a critical factor in helping you amass a fortune in your insurance or career.

In my case, I had no fancy designations whatsoever. But because I’ve mastered effective marketing skills, I can get truckloads of qualified prospects to talk to me. When I still had my agency, I invested most of my time, effort, and money on improving my marketing systems.

Let me now share with you another important marketing fact you need to understand…

Marketing Is The Only Function In Your Business That

Brings In Clients, Produces Sales, And Generates Profits!

Although you may be spending a substantial amount of money on rent, supplies, office equipment, and other purchases that are necessary for running your business, they don’t generate clients or profits for you.

What this means is, marketing is an investment, and not an expense like many agents and advisors incorrectly think. In fact, when you use it properly…

Marketing Is The Most
Profitable Investment You Can Make!

Here’s why:

When you invest your money in stocks or bonds, mutual funds, or real estate, you may earn 5%, 10%, 15%, or if you’re really lucky, 20% per year.

On the other hand, when you invest money in marketing, you could make 10, 20, or even 50 or more times the return on your investment (or ROI). For example, an ad you place for $100 could generate $1,000.00 or even $5,000.00 in profits. This works out to be 1,000% (10 times ROI) and 5,000% (50 times ROI) respectively. As you can see, marketing is the ultimate business leverage you have!

Now that you understand marketing is the engine that drives your business, let’s examine…

The Client-Acquisition And Client-Retention Systems
You’ll Discover In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™:

How To Make Your Clients Feel Special, Compelling Them To Do Business With You For Decades!

How To Double Your Client Base Using Referral Marketing!

How To Sell At Least Three Policies To Each Of Your Clients!

How To Motivate Your Former Clients To Do Business With You Again!

How To Use Direct Mail To Acquire An Avalanche Of New Clients!

How To Persuade Affluent Prospects To Call You For Appointments!

How To Compel Seniors To Do Business With You!

How To Get Your Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, And Everyone You Know, To Become Your Clients!

How To Turn Quotes Into Sales!

How To Create An Effective website And Use It To Generate Leads!

How To Turn Call-In And Walk-In Prospects Into Clients!

How To X-Date Effectively!

How To Advertise Your Way To Success!

How To Motivate Accountants, Lawyers, Bankers, And Other Centers Of Influence To Give You Referrals!

Let’s talk about each system in detail…

1. How To Make Your Clients Feel Special, Compelling
Them To Do Business With You For Decades!

The biggest mistake most agents and financial advisors make is, after investing a large amount of money, time, and effort persuading prospects to become their clients, they don’t take care of them well enough to gain their business for the long term.

In other words, they treat their clients with indifference. Strangely enough, they take their current clients for granted. And, believe it or not, they actually treat the people who haven’t done business with them – their prospects – better than the individuals who already have – their existing clients.

As a result, they usually end up losing the clients they’ve worked so hard to acquire in the first place, being forced to spend a lot of their valuable resources to obtain more new clients to replace the ones they’ve lost. And this vicious cycle repeats itself.

If these agents and advisors realized their existing clients are their best prospects, they would take care of them a lot better.

What about you?

Have you also been committing the same deadly mistake by treating your current clients with indifference?

If so, this is one of the main reasons you’re not making the kind of income you want, no matter how long or hard you’ve been working.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll discover dozens of unique strategies for making your clients feel special or appreciated, motivating them to do business with you for a long time and to give you plenty of referrals.

I sent 30 of your Birthday letters to my clients and I have already received 39 referrals.

Arthur Larm
Mansfield, MA
(Multi lines)

Your birthday idea has increased the amount of referrals I am getting from my current clients. I have several appointments set up from this one method. My average case size runs around $650, and if this one method keeps working this well, I conservatively estimate another 15-20 cases from these referrals, generating between $9,750 to $13,000.

Roger Lo Pilato
Waltham, MA
(Life insurance, LTC, Annuities, and IRA’s)

I’ve always sent birthday cards but I started using your birthday letter and the results have been impressive! I rarely got any response from the birthday cards but I got 3 calls this week and 4 last week thanking me for the unique letter and 5 of these 7 asked that we get together for a review. Thanks – good stuff!

Dennis Kagel, CHFC
Normal, IL
Kagel Financial Mgt. Svcs

This is the greatest insurance selling program I have seen and used in 10 years of being in the business! Very client centered! My financial agency’s retention rate is over 97%. Very pleased I’ve bought the program.

Andy Zurbuch
Bloomington, IN
(Financial service products)

2. How To Double Your Client Base Using Referral Marketing!

If you’ve been in the insurance for financial business for at least six months or have 50 or more clients, you should be getting most of your new clients through referral marketing.

To maximize your marketing dollars, you should first set up a system to compel your existing clients to give you lots of referrals, instead of trying to obtain new clients through other methods, such as cold calling, direct mail, telemarketing, advertising, and so on.

When you attain new clients through referrals, your acquisition costs are only a fraction of the other methods.

Like most agents and advisors, you may have been told referral marketing is one of the most effective methods for generating new business. But I bet you probably haven’t been taught how to set up an effective system to generate truckloads of referrals consistently and regularly, right?

Some so-called experts say you should first try to get referrals from professionals like accountants, bankers, realtors, or lawyers, before asking your existing clients. This is because, in their own words: “Clients, even satisfied clients, don’t give referrals even when you ask them.”

And you know what? They’re absolutely right. Satisfied clients usually don’t provide referrals even when you request them. Only your loyal clients or advocates will do so.

If you think about it carefully, you’ll realize that even though accountants, bankers, realtors, or lawyers can give you good referrals, your existing clients (especially your advocates) can give you the most qualified referrals.

Interestingly, although most agents tell me they obtain the majority of their new business from referrals, they don’t have a proactive system for doing so.

It always baffles me why agents and financial advisors don’t set up a proactive system to obtain referrals on a regular basis when they realize referral marketing is so profitable.

The key to compelling your clients to shower you with unlimited referrals is to consistently provide them with outstanding service, astonishing them at least four times a year! In fact, when you go the extra mile to serve your clients better than their greatest expectations, they’ll brag about you to everyone they know, showering you with more referrals than you can handle.

Now, the reason many agents and advisors receive few or no referrals from their existing clients is they don’t deserve to.

While some do send birthday cards to their clients, most of them communicate with their policyholders only at renewal times (when they want more money from them). By providing such a standard level of service, no wonder they obtain few or even no referrals.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll be able to use our powerful referral systems to skyrocket your income to new heights. Check out what some agents and advisors have said about them…

Thanks. Your system is giving me added confidence in contacting people, asking for referrals, and asking for the order. My appointments have increased 95% since using your system. My referrals have skyrocketed. I am getting 3 to 5 referrals per contact.

Clair Smith
Smithfield, UT

Initially I did not have time to read the referral course but just finished recently and have applied the techniques described and I have been extremely pleased with the results. Before using the techniques provided, I rarely asked for referrals and when I did, I was usually not successful. Since I have used Ken’s system, I average about 5-7 referrals per meeting and expect that my business will triple by the first quarter of next year. My big problem now is how do I get to all those referrals!

Anne Murray
Hampton, NH

I have been very successful with your ideas. Our office is averaging 10 referrals per week with about 5 sales from them. I have been a successful insurance agent for 24 years. These are some of the best ideas that I’ve used yet.

Tom Davidson
Lafayette, LA

After reviewing the first few lessons & the many possibilities of your referral course, my business has taken off. Just calling the existing clients has brought much more business and kept me hopping. On Monday of this week, I wrote 7 cases. I was out of the office on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I made several contacts and wrote more business. Now it’s Thursday morning & I have 4 appointments for today & 5 appointments scheduled for Friday.

Bill Senna
Arroyo Grande, CA

I have applied some of the ideas up to lesson 8, and have written $6,182 LTC commission, plus $1,800 annuity commission. Thanks.

Charles Robert
Altoona, PA

I tried your letter of recommendation with a report as I sat with three clients on Thursday. I asked each, ‘To whom would you like me to send this, who you think could benefit?’ Each client stayed with my assistant as the letters got sent! I got eight solid referrals! Thanks again for the great idea.

Dave Nagy
Williamsville, NY

Thank you! These referral course lessons have been terrific. I have shared them with our agents selling long-term care insurance and it has helped them immensely with getting referrals. Some of them have produced two sales the same day.

Michael Bouton
Boise, ID


3. How To Sell At Least Three Policies To Each Of Your Clients!

To create your ultimate insurance agency or practice, and to provide the greatest service to your clients, you need to write as many different policies as possible with each one of them.

A client who has several policies with you is less likely to leave you than one who has only a single policy with you.

To put it another way…

The More Policies A Client Has With You,
The More Loyal He Or She Will Become!

Studies have shown the chances of keeping a personal lines account for three or more years are:

45% if an insured has just the auto policy with you

50% if the client has both auto and homeowners policies

60% if that person has auto, homeowners, and life policies, and…

97% If An Insured Has Auto, Homeowners,
Life, And Health Policies With You!

With this in mind, I’m perplexed why an average independent agency has only 1.4 policies per personal lines insured, and also about the same for commercial lines.

To serve a client fully and effectively, you need to sell or offer him or her as many different policies as possible.

Let me clarify an important point. Even though I suggest you try to sell as many different policies as possible to each one of your clients, please understand that you should do so only if it’s in the best interest of the client – not yours.

Your #1 Priority Is To Serve Your Clients And
To Be Genuinely Concerned About Their
Well-being Before Your Own!

Your goal is to educate them about the different options available to them, and let them decide which ones to buy from you.

For example: If one of your clients currently has only an auto policy with you but has both life and homeowners with another agent, then your objective is to offer your client a detailed review of his or her current life and homeowners policies, and then make a recommendation. Doing so will be no pressure on him or her.

If you take the time to examine the policies your clients currently have with other agents and analyze their needs and wants, chances are good that you’ll be able to offer them better ones.

Unfortunately, because some agents are more concerned with closing the sale than with helping their prospects or clients choose the right coverage, they often use high-pressure selling tactics, instead of educating and helping them make the right decision. This is one of the reasons insurance agents have such a bad reputation.

As a dream protector™, your job isn’t to sell your clients a product or service. Rather, it’s to give your clients the best possible options for their insurance needs or wants, and let them decide whether to buy from you.

If you’ve taken the time and effort to understand your prospects’ or clients’ needs and wants, and educate them about the policies that best suit their individual situation, they likely will choose to do business with you.

Rounding the account is a win-win arrangement for both you and your clients. So before you spend a lot of your valuable resources on trying to get more new clients, figure out ways to sell more policies to existing ones.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll have a system for motivating each one of your clients to buy at least three different policies from you.

(Even if you sell only a single product, such as life, LTC, disability, or annuities, you should form a strategic alliance with a P&C agent to offer other products to them.)

Picture the extra profits you’ll make when this happens.

Having been in Health Insurance business for over 6 years, I have been doing my own mailings to create leads. I used several ideas from your book to improve my prospecting letter and the results were immediate. The number of reply cards from prospects more than doubled. The response to my mailing is now 4 to 5% compared to 1 to 2% before. Needless to say that within 6 months of reading your book my premium production more than doubled as well. The book contains a lot of ideas which are simple and common sense, yet very few agents are using them. I know I didn’t. I recommend the book to any insurance agent looking for ways to increase his or her production.

Paul Dubsky
Delray Beach, FL
(Florida Health Insurance Associates)

I have incorporated many of your ideas into my agency. For example, when prospects call in for quotes we send them your thank-you letter and a free special report and then one month later we mail another free report and so on. I also use the referral letter and we get back quite a few responses). I am so thankful for having found your System and being able to communicate with you is so helpful. The ability to put a prospect into the System and let the System take care of the rest is wonderful. We have increased our sales by at least 35% so far.

Gary Robinette
Algonquin, IL


4. How To Motivate Your Former Clients To Do Business With You Again!

Check out the following statistics:

Three percent of clients stopped doing business with insurance agents because they (the clients) moved.

Nine percent because they found a better price or product elsewhere.

Fourteen percent because they were dissatisfied with the product they bought.

Five percent because they were influenced by friends to buy from somebody else.

Sixty-eight percent because…they were treated with indifference!

Based on these figures, chances are good that the clients who have quit doing business with you did it for one of these reasons.

If you conduct business only locally, there’s not much you can do about those who move out of your geographic area.

For the clients who have left you because of a lower price, there’s probably not much you can do about that at this point either. If you’re mainly competing on price, you can try offering them a lower premium (from another carrier) to entice them to buy from you again, or you can let them know about some new, unique or special service or added benefits you now provide (which can’t be obtained anywhere else). And that may be enough to offset the difference in price.

To become more successful, you should avoid competing on price alone. This is because…

If You Get A Client On Price, Sooner Or Later,
You’ll Lose Him Or Her On Price!

You just can’t be the lowest price all the time.

On the other hand, if you compete on service, especially if it’s a unique service only you provide, it’s much harder for your competitors to steal your clients.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll discover a step-by-step system for winning back many of your former clients and inspiring them to do business with you for years to come, as well as to provide you with lots of referrals.

I’ve had your program for about two and a half years. And during this period, my income has more than doubled. As a new agent, your system has helped me jump start my career by building a profitable book of business with very high retention. I use virtually every aspect of your program. I’ve produced tremendous results from your unique client contact systems, including thank you letters, referral marketing, birthday program and newsletters. Identifying the lifetime value of a client has allowed me to focus my efforts towards massive, profitable growth!

Mark Brady
Roseburg, OR
(Florida Health Insurance Associates)


5. How To Use Direct Mail To Acquire An Avalanche Of New Clients!

Do you want to have a sales force of 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, even 100,000 or more?

Imagine having thousands of producers who never call in sick, take a day off, go on vacation, or have a doctor’s appointment, and you don’t have to pay them any employee benefits. Best of all, your enormous sales force costs less than one full-time producer.

When used properly, direct mail will be one of your most powerful marketing tools, generating huge profits for you each year.

Many agents and advisers don’t like direct mail because the campaigns they’ve used in the past (even the ones designed by well-known advertising agencies, their home office, or the carriers they represent) have produced little or no results.

If your direct mail efforts also have produced poor results, you can use my direct mail secrets, which I’ll reveal to you in The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, to change this situation around completely, allowing you to eliminate cold calling once and for all.

I just finished reading your entire book and now we are going back to the first chapter to start implementing the ideas you have shared with us. I think we will generate at least $100,000 more income this year with just several of your ideas. As we implement more of them, I think we can get to $1,000,000.

Richard D. Miller
Emporia, KS
(Life, health, annuity, variable, funds, bonds, financial, retirement and estate planning)


6. How To Persuade Affluent Prospects To Call You For Appointments!

Has this frustrating situation ever happened to you?

You sent at least half a dozen letters to an affluent executive or business owner, as well as calling him or her at least as many times, but he or she still hasn’t answered your letters or returned your phone calls. Maybe this person hasn’t even received a single one of your letters or phone messages because his or her gatekeeper – whether a secretary or assistant – has thrown them out.

For many agents and advisors, this agonizing situation has taken place more times than they want to admit. And while some of them blame these gatekeepers for preventing them from earning a living, you need to understand that one of the gatekeepers’ main responsibilities is to keep you (and other salespeople) from wasting their boss’s time. They do this by giving their employers or managers only the letters or messages they think will be of interest to them.

Because some gatekeepers receive dozens of letters or phone calls each day, from different salespeople trying to talk (or sell) to their bosses, they choose to give only certain letters or to transfer specific phone calls.

For these super busy executives and business owners, they also select to read only some of the letters their assistants pass on to them immediately, and then put the rest aside for later.

To give your letter the greatest chance of getting past the gatekeeper and being read by your prospect, you must make them stand out among the mail they receive that day.

In other words, you must make your letter unique, so when the gatekeeper opens your envelope, he or she would say, “Wow! This is unique! What’s this all about? Let me read it right away.”

After perusing your letter, they’ll give it to their boss immediately, and will ask him or her to put everything aside and check it out right away.

And after their boss (who’s your prospect) has seen your letter, he or she will call you to set up an appointment with the creative genius whose letter has made his or her day more fun and interesting.

Does this situation seem only like a fantasy to you?

Can it really happen in the real business world?

If it could, imagine how much more fun and excitement you’ll have in your business or career when most of your prospects are enthusiastically calling you for appointments, instead of you having to chase after them.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll discover how to make this come true.

Picture the extra profits you’ll generate.

I just finished reading your entire book and now we are going back to the first chapter to start implementing the ideas you have shared with us. I think we will generate at least $100,000 more income this year with just several of your ideas. As we implement more of them, I think we can get to $1,000,000.

The various letters that we have sent to our clients are being received positively. They’ve produced $26,400 in new business for us!

Brian Ravenelle
Oxford, MA
(Baystate Financial Services)

Thank you for your letter system which has allowed me to get more appointments than I ever had. Ever since the Do-Not-Call system has gone into being, it’s been harder and harder to get appointments. Your letter-system has been a real joy.

Jerry O’Brien
Houston, TX


7. How To Compel Seniors To Do Business With You!

If you’re like many agents or advisors who sell to the lucrative seniors market, you may be acquiring new clients through seminars.

Well, if you’re satisfied with the results you’re getting and enjoy conducting seminars, keep on doing them.

On the other hand, if you presently don’t have an effective system for persuading seniors to do business with you, you can use my unique method to “almost force” your prospects to call you for appointments, instead of you having to chase after them.

8. How To Get Your Relatives, Friends, Neighbors, And
Everyone You Know, To Become Your Clients!

When you first became an agent, you most likely were told to contact the people you know so you could make some quick sales and get a taste of success, weren’t you?

If you’ve just started in the insurance or financial profession and your manager has asked to call your relatives, friends, neighbors, and other folks, you probably hated the idea, didn’t you.

In fact, even though you’re desperate to obtain clients, you might not have talked to even one of your friends about what you do… because you don’t want them to think you’re begging for business, right?

If so, please listen carefully:

if you don’t let the people who are close to you know how they can benefit from your products or services, you’re going to make one of the deadliest mistakes in your entire career. Although some of them may already have insurance protection, you need to make sure they have the right kind of coverage for their individual situation. And for the ones who don’t have enough or any, you need to educate them about the importance of protecting themselves, their families, and their assets, with insurance products.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll discover a unique system for communicating with your relatives, friends, and neighbors, and other people you care about, to let them know how they can benefit from your products or services. Even if they decide not to do business with you, they’ll thank you for concerning about their well-being. And you’ll feel fantastic realizing you’ve done a great service for them.

Your ideas are simple and practical, and your marketing systems always focus on the clients. The most important thing is that they are already proven to work. My cases have increased by 100%. I had wasted a lot of time doing business using the old method and it did not work. I wish I have this book the first day I joined the industry.

Yap Keong Foon
(Life insurance)

9. How To Turn Quotes Into Sales!

For many agents and advisers, after spending a lot of time and effort providing quotes for their prospects, they usually are able to convert only two out of ten into sales.

One of the reasons their conversion rate is so low… is they don’t have a system for “pre-qualifying” the prospects. Instead, they would quote every person who contacts them.

What about you? Do you find yourself spending a large part of your time providing quotes to lots of prospects but only are able to turn a small percentage of them into clients?

If so, you can use the system revealed in The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™ to convert at least 7 out of 10 prospects who request quotes from you into clients.


10. How To Create An Effective website And Use It To Generate Qualified Leads!

If you have a website that currently produces little or no results, you can use my online marketing secrets to turn this situation around… and start making money from it.

Interestingly, some agents told me, “Even though my website isn’t making money for me, I’m getting a lot of exposure or hits.”

This is silly! Because, just like advertising, the purpose of your website should be to persuade your visitors to act in some way that eventually will lead to a sale.

After examining 73 agency websites, we found 71 of them don’t offer their visitors a compelling reason to request more information or to leave their contact info. Sure, while 63 of these sites do offer a free quote service, because they don’t give their visitors a powerful reason for doing so, they still receive very few requests, if any.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money developing your site. So, why not begin benefiting from it significantly? In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll find out how to do so.

If you don’t have a website right now, you’ll be able to use my strategies to create a profitable one from scratch.

And, if you purchase online insurance leads, you can use my system to turn at least 7 out of 10 prospects into policyholders or clients.

Two techniques from this manual have increased my income by $10,000 in 6 months.

Gilbert Valenzuela
Visalia, CA


11. How To Turn Call-In And Walk-In Prospects Into Clients!

The amount of walk-in traffic your agency receives will, in large part, depend on the actual physical location of your business, the types of products you sell, and the marketplace you serve.

P&C agencies located in shopping centers or strip malls and sell auto and homeowners policies to the general public will attract more walk-in business than an agency located in a high-rise building that sells large commercial or high-end life policies.

For most agents, walk-in business is not as desirable as business generated from referrals, ads, or mailing campaigns. They find the people who come into their agencies are either price shopping, or have had a bad experience or disagreement with their present insurance company, agent, or staff.

Walk-in business does have certain advantages, however. By meeting a person and talking with him or her face-to-face, the agent can assess the prospect’s situation more accurately… and find out whether he or she is desirable to do business with.

Because most agents think everyone who comes into their agencies is a prospect, they usually spend too much time and effort providing quotes to the people who aren’t qualified to buy their products.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll discover how to screen your prospects properly and turn those who are eligible to buy your products into clients.


12. How To X-Date Effectively!

One of the most important things for you to understand is that most activities involving policy changes or switching of insurance companies or agents happen at the expiration date of the policy.

Unfortunately, very few agents fully realize the significance of what this means, and view it only from an offensive position. That is, the opportunity to take another agent’s clients away from them.

A better strategy is to consider the expiration date of a policy both a defensive and also an offensive standpoint. When you’re attempting to motivate your competitors’ clients to do business with you, your competitors are busily trying to steal yours.

By understanding the expiration of a policy is the time that most changes and defections from one agent or insurance company to another occur, in addition to being able to protect and defend your policyholders, you also can begin marketing to your competitors’ clients.

One of the best ways to sell insurance, especially P&C, is through X-dating. That is, determining when the policies of your prospects expire, so you can contact them to compel them to switch their policy or policies to you.

Now, even though you may have been taught about the huge advantages of this marketing method, because you haven’t learned how to do it effectively, you’re able to reap only a tiny fraction of its potential.

Whether you sell personal or commercial line, or both, in The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll learn how to use my X-dating system to acquire new clients, quickly and easily.

By implementing the strategies, it has changed me from being a weak and desperate insurance agent to a Dream Protector. That shift in thinking really changed the way I do business. I’m now having consistent increases in my business. I don’t spend a day wondering what I need to do next. The system has helped me be more productive, more concise, and more profitable. I can’t recommend the manual enough.

– Vikki Miles
Vikki Miles Insurance, Fayetteville, NC


13. How To Advertise Your Way To Success!

Whenever I ask an agent this question, “What’s the purpose of advertising?” he or she usually replies, “To get my name in front of potential customers.”

If you would answer my question in the same or similar way, I’m afraid that’s one of the biggest reasons your advertising isn’t as effective as it could be.

The purpose of advertising is to make your prospects aware of your products. and to get them to act. This may be to motivate them to call you for an appointment, asking for a brochure or pamphlet, or coming by your agency to get more information, or, in some cases, buying your products directly. The outcome of these actions should eventually lead to a sale.

Because most agents and advisors don’t understand there are two kinds of advertising, they often use the wrong one and end up spending thousands of dollars on a campaign that produces little or no results.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll learn how to use the right type of advertising and how to improve your current advertising efforts by five times or more.

If you presently have an ad in your local Yellow Pages and it’s producing few, or perhaps, even no leads for you, you can use my Yellow Pages advertising secrets to make your next ad so powerful that it will cause your phone to ring off the hook. In addition, you’ll also find out how to use free advertising to sell more of your products or services.


14. How To Motivate Accountants, Lawyers, Bankers,
And Other Centers Of Influence To Give You Referrals!

Lawyers, accountants (CPAs), and bankers probably influence more people to buy insurance from those they recommend than any other professionals.

Although most agents would like to receive referrals from accountants, bankers, and attorneys, because they don’t have an effective system for doing so, they get few or even none.

The secret of obtaining truckloads of referrals from these centers of influence is to find out what their biggest problem is and help them solve it. Doing so will compel them to return you a favor by recommending you to their clients.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll have a step-by-step system for helping accountants, lawyers, bankers, realtors, dentists, doctors, and other professionals that you want to obtain referrals from, solve their #1 problem, motivating them to provide you with more referrals than you can handle.


I used the information from your program to help me set up systems and procedures for my practice. As a result, I now have more time doing what I do best – being in front of clients. I close more business and receive more referrals. Ken Varga’s techniques have added at least $30,000.00 to my bottom line.

– Richard Knabenschuh
St. Catharines, Canada
(Financial Products)

You’ve heard the word, “system” or “systems” countless times. Let’s now discuss…

Why Systems Are Pertinent To The
Success Of Your Agency Or Practice!

I have always said…

When you consistently deliver exceptional service to your clients that meets or exceeds their expectations, they’ll become your advocates and buy from you for years to come.

The key word is “consistently.” This means you must do it every time a client does business with you.

Most agents and advisers have a hard time just meeting their clients’ expectations, let alone exceeding them. And for the few who actually do meet their clients’ expectations, they don’t (or don’t know how to) do it consistently.

For example, one time they may meet their clients’ expectations. Another time they may fall short. The third time they may exceed them. The fourth time they may meet them. The fifth time they may fall short again. And this cycle repeats itself.

Guess what negative effect this inconsistency will have on your clients?

Inconsistency will ruin your credibility and drive your clients crazy, forcing them to stop buying from you!

In your experience, I’m sure you’ve dined at restaurants where they served inconsistent food quality or rendered inconsistent service, or both, haven’t you?

Didn’t this inconsistency in quality or service annoy you somewhat (or maybe even a lot) because you didn’t know what to expect the next time you go to that particular restaurant? Perhaps, to avoid getting disappointed again, you may have stopped patronizing that restaurant completely, right?

Unfortunately, this situation is not unique to the restaurant industry. I bet you have discontinued doing business completely with some other organizations because of their inconsistency in quality, service, or both, haven’t you?

Guess what?

Your own clients would do the same thing.

That’s right, when receiving inconsistent quality or service, or both, from you, your agency, or your practice, many or all of them will stop doing business with you… sometimes forever!

The question you may be asking right now is…

“How Do I Consistently Meet My Clients’ Expectations?”

Well, you do this by setting up systems in your business.

In short, a system is a way of doing things by following a set of rules or procedures that produces predictable and consistent results every time.

To put it another way…

A System Allows You To Consistently Deliver
A Minimum Standard Or Level Of Performance!

After establishing a system or a series of systems to at least meet your clients’ expectations, you’ll be able to deliver a great level of service every time they do business with you.

Let me now share with you a business that operates on incredible systems to help you fully understand the importance and appreciate the enormous benefits that systems can provide.

Have you been to McDonald’s lately?

Here’s a multi-billion dollar international business operated, efficiently and profitably, by a bunch of teenagers who are no more intelligent or disciplined than the teenage children you know.

Have you ever wondered how these kids could prepare food that tastes exactly the same and provide the same level of service every single time – regardless of which McDonald’s restaurant you go to, whether in California, New York, England, Australia, or Japan?

The answer is, you guessed it, they have SYSTEMS to perform the various activities in their business. And because these systems work so well, any teenager can operate them and the results will be the same every time.

Whenever you go to a McDonald’s restaurant, you always know what to expect. In other words, what the food is going to taste like and what kind of service you’ll get.

Here’s what’s so amazing about McDonald’s. Although the food isn’t the absolute best, in the United States alone, more than 23 million people go there everyday.

Just like McDonald’s, after setting up efficient systems in your agency or practice, you’ll be able to produce consistent and predictable results every time, and your prospects and clients will enjoy doing business with you.

Ken Varga’s program has taken my insurance career to new heights. The special reports are incredible and my prospects and clients love them and give them to their friends and neighbors. His strategies and systems are generating $2,500.00 in extra profit for me each month.

Kiley J. Brenneman, LUTCF
Greenwood Village, CO
Kiley J Brenneman Agency

To build your million-dollar business or career, you must set up effective systems to perform the following functions:

Answering the phone.

Greeting clients.

Processing policies.

Providing quotes.

Following up on quotes.

Resolving customer complaints.

Hiring, training, evaluating, and compensating employees.

Submitting proposals to your carriers.

Processing claims.

Collecting premiums.

Managing cash flow.

Building rewarding relationships with your carriers.

Thanking clients for their business.

Astonishing your clients several times a year.

Renewing policies.

Selling multiple policies or products.

Tracking marketing campaigns.

Getting an abundance of qualified leads.

Turning prospects into customers.

Converting customers into clients.

Transforming clients into advocates.

Nurturing clients.

Obtaining referrals regularly.

As you can see, most of the above systems are relating to marketing – getting and keeping clients. And, after you’ve implemented effective ones, which you’ll learn how to do in The Ultimate Insurance Business Success System™, you’ll become outrageously successful in your profession.


I have been using the various insurance special reports, and they have produced numerous life insurance sales and referrals. The prospects found the reports to be eye opening. I’ve made $29,000 in additional income.

Joe Virgilio
Toronto, Canada

After I have taught you how to get all the clients you want, I’ll show you…

How To Put Your Agency Or Practice On Automatic Pilot
So You Can Make Money While Lying On The Beach!

If so, I understand how you feel. And, as unbelievable as this may sound, it’s possible for you to structure your agency or practice so you can make money without having to be at the office all the time, if you don’t want to.

When I still had my agency, which I’ve mentioned a few times, I had almost half a million policyholders, and I was operating it with only five full-time and four part-time employees. And each year, I spent at least three months vacationing in Aruba. I literally was making money while lying on the beach!

Now, if you don’t like being on the beach, you can make money while playing your favorite sports, vacationing at exotic destinations, spending quality time with your spouse and children, or doing whatever activities your heart desires.

Even if you really enjoy going to the office, I’ll bet the idea of being able to take time off whenever you want and your business still runs smoothly sounds wonderful to you, doesn’t it?

In my program, you’ll learn how to turn this scintillating goal into reality.

Before I tell you how to get your hands on our wealth-creation program, let me explain its components.

Product ShotThe Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™ consists of two volumes – Volume One and Volume Two – which together, have 1,152 pages.

In Volume One, I will share with the powerful business principles you must learn and master to build your million-dollar agency or practice. And in Volume Two, I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to double your income within the next 12 months and to create your ideal business or career within the next five years.

Each chapter is also presented on audio, for a total of 25 hours and 11 minutes. And, to motivate you to apply my ideas and strategies right away, at the end of every chapter, you’ll have one or more Action Steps to take, allowing you to increase your income as quickly as possible.

Because you’ll have all the pre-written and ready-to-use letters, templates, forms, certificates, special reports, phone scripts, and more, it’s very easy to implement our strategies and systems, skyrocketing your income to unimaginable heights!

The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™ employs two basic learning strategies:

space repetition and

multi-sensory impact.

Space repetition means repeated exposure to an idea or principle at regularly spaced intervals to increase and enhance your understanding of that thought. After a short time, it’ll transform the highly productive knowledge into habits and actions.

Multi-sensory impact means you’ll learn more effectively and have better memory retention if you involve more of your senses, such as seeing, hearing, and touching.

While The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, with its printed text and audio recordings, appeals primarily to seeing and hearing – the two most common senses that we use to gain knowledge – the Action Steps will reinforce your learning and memory retention enormously. This is because, when you write, you’ll be involving your third sense – touch – as well.

In short, when you’re armed with our wealth-creation program, you’ll have all the tools you need to become outrageously successful in your insurance or financial business or career, allowing you to make plenty of money to retire within the next seven years.

Here’s the fantastic news for you…

While many of our competitors are charging thousands of dollars for their products/workshops (which are only a fraction as powerful as ours) and some of Ken’s corporate clients had paid him up to $5,000 an hour to obtain the same secrets revealed in The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™

Your Investment Is Only
$1,297 For The Hardcopy Version!

That’s right, for less than $1300 dollars, you can use our program to create your ideal agency, practice, or career quicker and easier than you can imagine.

Let me share with you the three main reasons I am offering his program for such a low price:

First, I want to make it affordable to as many agents as possible. After finding out the average income for insurance agents in the United States is a pathetic $34,800 a year, I decided to keep the price extremely low, even though I knew many agents would be willing to pay several thousand for it.

Second, because the insurance business has provided my family with both the time and money to live the lifestyle of our dreams, sharing my secrets with you and other agents for peanuts… is my way of paying back the insurance industry.

With the fortune I had made from my agency, I could have retired and lived the good life (19 years ago when I first became financially free). Instead, I spent countless hours creating The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, a step-by-step Success Guide I wished was around when I was starting out. It would have saved me millions of dollars and years of frustration because I wouldn’t have to learn by trial-and-error.

You’re very lucky!

By investing just $1,297, you can acquire the same systems and secrets I had spent a lifetime and a fortune to acquire… to short-cut your way to unlimited wealth and success!

Let me now explain…

You will be receiving:

Two manuals in hardcopy,

25 audio CDs,

and 1 CD-ROM containing the files.

My income has almost tripled to $176,000 in the last 9 months. And I can confidently say the information you have provided to me via your book has without doubt secured my future and financial success. I’ll be continuing to expand on the strategies I’ve just described, plus add more, with my goal being to triple my income in the next 18 months. And I have the utmost confidence that I will achieve that goal thanks to the information you have provided.

Greg Hoole

I just started reading your manual. I have been in the insurance business for 16 years and I have never been more excited about the future of my career than now. Even though my income has been in the $175,000.00-$270,000.00 range for the last 3 years, I needed something to get me to the next level, and I feel I’ve found it. I have set aside 15-30 minutes each morning to read your manual, and this will be the most beneficial time I will spend. Thanks so much for your materials.

Matthew J. Koch
Vassar, MI
(Financial Advisor)

Your program was exactly what I was looking for and much more. By using your retention strategies, I’ve increased my retention by 2 points in just three months. I believe the ideas I have implemented will easily generate an extra $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 in extra profits this year. If I had known your book could change my business the way it has, I would have paid ten times more money for it. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my agency.

Mike Lopez
Houston, TX
(P&C, life, health, LTC)

I heard about sell insurance like crazy from a friend in the industry. I sent away for the system all the way to the United States from were my practice is, half way around the world, in New Zealand. And you know, it has been like dealing with a friend. Great service and an incredible product. The information in these programs are basic, common sense but uniquely insightful. It has been easy to implement them into our business which has grown to become a nationwide leader in the insurance field. I would wholly indorse these programs for anyone who wants to succeed.

Damian Kerr
New Zealand
(CFS Group Limited )

I’m pleased to leave this message regarding the system I’ve invested in. It’s one of the best investments that I have made. It has helped me to separate myself from my competition. A quote from one of my customers, ‘I have never seen anything like it. This is the information the insurance company don’t want you to know about.’ I’ve increased my revenue this year and my calls to individuals who are interested in my special report. I’m truly grateful for this system and will continue to use it. I urge anyone who’s considering to go ahead and move forward. It will be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Antione Turner
Redondo Beach, CA


After using my marketing systems to generate extra profits while working fewer hours, you’ll wish you had them the day you started your business or career.

Now, if you happen to be new in this profession, you can use our strategies and systems to make a six-figure income in record time, instead of being forced to struggle like most novice agents and financial advisors.

In short, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve just started in your profession yesterday or have been in it for decades, when you consider the huge income or profits our program can help you make, and the costly mistakes it can help you avoid, saving you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the benefits you’ll gain will be hundreds of times greater than the cost.


You may be saying…

Ken, The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™ sounds like the program that could help me build my million-dollar insurance agency or financial practice in record time, but I can’t (or don’t want to) invest in it because…

It Is Too Expensive!

If that’s what you uttered to yourself, what are you comparing our program to?

I invested more than $10.2 million to discover, create, and perfect the systems I’m sharing with you in This program. And you can acquire them for under $1300 Dollars. So, if you think about it carefully, you’ll realize this is a bargain.

Listen, if you have to sell your car or don’t eat for one month to come up with $1297, then I don’t want you to invest in my program.

Seriously, my friend. If you really have the desire to become more successful in your business or career and to achieve financial freedom within five to seven years, you can invest in our program using your credit card. And when your statement arrives next month, you can pay it off with the additional income you’ve produced from our systems. After you’ve become a client, I’ll help you generate enough money to pay for your investment within 30 days.


As you’ve learned, the deadliest mistake many agents and financial advisers is, after investing a large amount of money, time, and effort to acquire new clients, they don’t take care of them well enough to gain their business for the long term.

As a result, they often end up losing the clients they’ve worked so hard to attain in the first place. So they constantly have to obtain more new clients to replace the ones they’ve lost. And this vicious cycle repeats itself.

If you’re treating your current clients the same way, then this is one of the primary reasons you’re not generating your desired income.

To change this situation around, you must set up an effective system to nurture and make your existing clients feel good. So they will do business with you for a long time, as well as provide you with truckloads of referrals.

With my help, you’ll be able to implement such a system within two weeks of investing in our program. And after it’s up and running, it will take less than half an hour of your time each week to manage. And, a few months later, many of your clients will call to thank you for making them feel so wonderful and will start giving you referrals.


If I had this book or someone had introduced me to these ideas when I started a year and a half ago, I would already be making a six-figure income and would have worked 10 less hours per week doing it. This book brings a whole new meaning to the phrase paradigm shift.

Terry Harbert
Chicago, IL
(Auto, home, life, disability, and commercial insurance)

As a new insurance agent, your program has been a tremendous boost for my business. I have gained insights on things that senior agents who have been around much longer have gained. The letters were amazing. I’ve gotten results in my sales. In fact, if I had to re-create all the letters and get the advice, and hire the a marketing specialist to do all that, it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re a new agent, this program is a must. And if you’re an experienced agent, it’s still a great way to gain new insights and creative ways to market and reach your goal and those of your clients.

Carl Endorf
Normal, IL

I’ve applied only four strategies from his manual, and have increased my commissions by more than 100% in just four months!

Larry Lenamon
O’fallon, MO


If you’re reluctant to invest in my program even though you’re frustrated with not making enough money, you need to understand this important fact: While I can provide you with the most powerful vehicle on the planet to get your business or career from where it is now to where you want it to be…

You Must Be The Driver!

No one can do it for you. You and you alone control your future and destiny.

Since you’ve read this far, it tells me you’re NOT happy with some aspects of your business or career. You may be frustrated because you’re not producing enough income or you have to work very hard to earn it, or even both.

The way I see it, you have two options:

First, you can continue running your agency, practice, or career the same old ways… and keep getting the same old results. So five to ten years from now, you’ll be in the same or even worse situation than your present dilemma.

Think about how you and your loved ones would feel if this depressing event were to take place.

If you’re like many agents and financial advisers, I’ll bet there’s at least one thing (a decision or an action) you’ve been wishing or wished you had done in the past if you could go back in time, right?

If so, what consequences or problems do you have to face right now because of your INACTION then?

Take a few moments to imagine how different and better your business (and life) would be at this time… if you actually had done it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get a second chance to do that thing or to make that decision?


But sadly, you can’t turn back the clock and do the things you didn’t do.

There’s nothing we can do about the past, except to learn from our (painful) experiences and use them to make better decisions and to take better actions in the present and future.

Many agents and advisers who have invested in one of our programs have told me that if they had it when they first started their agency or practice, they would be enormously successful right now. Just read what one of our clients has said…

When I came aboard at the agency, my father-in-law had been running it for the past 34 years the same way he ran it 34 years ago! I recognized that our agency was not up with the times and we needed to make some major changes to show our clients that we are all about customer service.

Believe it or not, our agency never had a written procedure manual. It has always been fly by the seat of your pants and hope that it works. After reading your materials, we have developed and are still developing a detailed Agency manual focusing on how we can provide better customer service while attempting to eliminate the exposure for errors and omissions claims.

Our focus in the past has always been growing by adding new clients. By focusing on rounding out the accounts that we currently have, we have probably added over $10,000 in commissions to the bottom line in less than six months! I am projecting that just by using the ideas outlined in your book, our agency will see an increase of income of over $50,000 this year.

Your book isn’t just that, a book. It is a functional, instructional bible of improving the agency. When I purchased the book, I thought that was all that I was getting, just a book. To my surprise, not a month goes by that I do not receive further offers and free materials from you that supplement the book and your programs. All of the other books and materials that I have purchased have just been that, a one-time purchase – then I was forgotten from the company. Not so with yours.

The benefits my agency has received from this program would justify paying over 10 times what we did for it. Your book is a “road map to success”!

Dan Sage
Middleburg Heights, OH
(P&C, life, health, variable products)


Although a lot of average agents and advisors know just as much as their successful counterparts with regards to sales, marketing, and other necessary skills, the reason they only earn an average income is…

They Fail To Act On What They Know!

Interestingly, even though they realize doing the things they know would increase their income and business enormously, they still get caught up in the daily activities of their business… and fail to put their knowledge and skills into action.

Somehow, they just don’t understand this important truth…

If They Keep Doing The Same Old Things…
They’ll Simply Keep Getting The Same Old Results!

Believe it or not, the agents or advisors who make $1,000,000 or more a year are NOT any smarter or luckier than you.

The main difference between you and them is that they’ve developed the habit of doing the things that you and most other agents are not willing to do.

In my case, when I still had my agency (before I sold it in December 2001), although I had many competitors selling the same products, I did a totally different kind of marketing than them. I was willing to try new and different ideas, strategies, and techniques.

The reason I invested more than $10.2 million to discover, create, and perfect the systems that had built an agency with almost half a million clients is most of the ideas I used didn’t work.

What this means is, even though I had one of the largest and most successful agencies in the world, I’m not smarter or luckier than the agents who earn only an average income. What separates me from the other agents is that I was constantly figuring out ways to produce better results with the same effort. And to achieve this goal, I would do things most agents aren’t even willing to try.

The same thing is true with you. If you want to become incredibly successful in your profession, you must commit to doing the things that are different from what you’ve been doing, no matter how simple they may seem.

In The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, you’ll have all the tools you need to build a massively successful agency or practice… at lightning speed.


If you still aren’t willing to “test-drive” our program even though you know you have absolutely NO risk whatsoever, I question how serious you are about making more money and creating a more successful business or career.

Imagine what would happen if you don’t invest in our program and some of your competitors do and they use our secrets and systems against you.

You know how difficult it is to find new prospects who don’t have any insurance at all. Almost every agency’s growth comes from taking clients away from competing agents. So, if your competitors begin using our powerful systems to gain market share, they likely will steal your clients. What this means is…

You’ll End Up On The Losing End!

You’re already working extremely hard to earn your current income. So, if your competitors get their hands on The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™ before you do, you’ll be forced to work even longer hours.

I trust you don’t want this terrible situation to happen, right?

Wouldn’t you rather be the agent or adviser who has the advantage over your competitors… the one who’s acquiring new clients like crazy and thriving spectacularly, while others have to struggle just to get by?

If you answered, “Of course!” then invest in The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™ today. This way, a few days from now, you can start using our program to blow away the competition… and to create your ideal agency or practice within the next five years.


If you think about it carefully, you’ll realize this important fact: Even if our program doesn’t work for you, you’ll have very little to lose. And if it does (just like it has for thousands of agents and financial advisors), you’ll gain a lifetime of wealth, success, and be able to enjoy a lifestyle most people can only dream about.

The best way to build your ultimate business or career is to copy and use the success formulas of the person who “has been there and done it.” There’s absolutely no sane reason why you would want to spend the next decade and hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned dollars to discover the same techniques and systems you can learn from our program.

I have paid the price for my success, so you won’t have to. And since I am willing to share my million-dollar secrets with you for a small investment, why not let me be your Success Coach, teaching you, step-by-step, how to become outrageously successful in your business or career?

You deserve to achieve more wealth and success and to have the time to enjoy it fully.

I look forward to welcoming you as a client. If you have any questions about The Ultimate Insurance Business $uccess $ystem™, let me know.

All my best,
Ken Varga

The sooner you invest in our program, the quicker you’ll get to create your ultimate agency or practice… and to become financially free.


P.S. Here’s another success story:

I just wanted to tell you that your book… has been a tremendous boost to my business! One simple letter customized to my specific practice was responsible for generating over $18,500 in commissions in one month!

Your birthday letter, alone, has helped me make an extra $93,400 this past year in new commissions, both from cross-selling additional products along with generating new referrals! And, I can reasonably expect to DOUBLE those numbers this year!

I’ve got to admit, I was skeptical at first. With almost two decades in this business I’ve seen all kinds of systems and books out there designed to separate agents from their hard-earned cash without providing the promised results. (I feel like I’ve earned a PHD from “Screw-U” after some of them!) After downloading and reviewing the trial version of the book, I realized this was the REAL THING!

I recognized many of the principles expounded in this book are the same as the ones I’ve been using on a consistent basis. Many of them I had to learn the “hard way” by trial and error. Obtaining this book early on in my career would have saved me valuable time and resources and would have helped me achieve my goals much faster without all of the frustration!

The concepts and sales tools are first rate but the most important part is that they work! The fact that they are all in one place and can be applied almost immediately is fabulous!

I’m looking forward to purchasing additional materials from your company and using them to help both our clients and representatives Reach their Dreams & Goals!

P.S. I would have written sooner, but I’m too busy having fun and making money!

Walter Dobrowolski
Oceanside, CA
(Life and financial products)